The right people and support for your MEDITECH project

As a global leader in healthcare information technology, Guru-Healthcare is a MEDITECH certified consulting firm for READY implementations (Small and Large), MaaS Level 1 & 2, and Ambulatory Add-On for existing Expanse clients. Our services and skill sets encompass all aspects of healthcare delivery and information systems including Planning, Project Management, Physician Engagement, Patient Care and Clinical, Departmental, Revenue Cycle, Ambulatory Process Design, Supply Chain, Training, Technical (Report Writing/Report Design, Conversions, Integration) and Go-Live Support.

The people who know MEDITECH

Guru-Healthcare’s leadership and staff have extensive industry experience and have engaged in hundreds of projects throughout their careers. Our staff includes clinically credentialed and former operational directors whom average greater than 20 years in Healthcare with a majority of those years specifically in Information Technology. Our people, coupled with their understanding of operational, clinical and workflow processes as well as technology, enables innovative and valuable outcomes.

Application Services
  • Project Management
  • Planning & Implementation Support
  • Optimization & Upgrade Support
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Application Training and Education
Technology Services
  • Report Writing and Training
  • Interface Implementation and Support
  • Data Extracts and Conversion Support

Efficiencies in Controlling Costs

Containing costs is critical to completing your MEDITECH project within your budget. We combine a lean and nimble approach with a focus on partnership with our clients. This ensures continuity in build, effective and timely project management, and thorough system review during all touch points. As a result, the Guru-Healthcare is a remarkably cost-effective resource with the right talent and experience to take on any project. The result is cost savings for our clients that have a dramatic effect on their budgets and finances.

The Guru-Healthcare MEDITECH Consulting Services

Our MEDITECH consultants have a wealth of experience with today’s leading MEDITECH software modules, including:

Web Applications
  • WA – Web Ambulatory
  • WED – Web Acute/ED
  • WOM – Web Order Management
  • WPCM – Web Physician Care Management
Financial Applications
  • AP – Accounts Payable
  • B/AR – Billing Accounts Receivable
  • BF – Budget & Forecasting
  • ESS – Executive Support
  • FA – Fixed Assets
  • GL – General Ledger
  • MM – Materials Management
  • PP – Payroll & Personnel
  • HR – Human Resource
  • LSS/MPM – Medical Practice Management
  • CA – Cost-Accounting
Administrative Applications
  • ADM – Admissions
  • CWS – Community Wide Scheduling
  • ABS – Abstracting
  • QM/RM – Quality & Risk Management
  • MRI – Medical Records
  • SCA – Scanning and Archiving
  • ARM – Authorization & Referral Management
  • SS – Staffing and Scheduling
Operational and Decision Support Applications
  • MIS – MIS
  • NMI – Non-MEDITECH Interfaces
  • DR – Data Repository
  • CMS – Corporate Management Software
  • NPR – Report Writer/Report Designer/NPR
  • RD/RW – Report Designer/Report Writer
Continuing-Care Applications
  • BH – Behavioral Health
  • LTC – Long Term Care
Clinical Applications
  • PCM/Physicians’ Desktop/P-Doc
  • BBK – Blood Bank
  • LAB – Laboratory
  • MIC – Microbiology
  • PTH – Pathology
  • OE/POM/OM – Order Entry/Physician Order Management/Order Management
  • PCI/PCS/NUR – Patient Care Inquiry/Patient Care System/Nursing
  • PHA – Pharmacy
  • RAD – Radiology
  • BMV – Bedside Medication Verification
  • DPT – Departmental
  • EDM – Emergency Dept
  • ORM – Operating Room Management
  • ITS – Imaging & Therapeutic Services
  • AOM/RXM – Ambulatory Order Management
  • NMI – Non-MEDITECH Interfaces
  • EMR – Enterprise Medical Record
  • ONC – Oncology
  • LSS/MPM – Medical Practice Management
  • Patient Portal

In any implementation, it’s critically important that the IT professionals on the front lines are thoroughly experienced in MEDITECH solutions. At the Guru-Healthcare, our consultants understand the complex nature of MEDITECH planning, implementation, optimization and MEDITECH legacy support. We’ve worked diligently to identify the traits of a successful MEDITECH, LSS, and NPR professionals. Using our unique networking and advanced strategies, we have the ability to deliver precisely qualified experts with track records of delivering builds, training and support of the highest quality.

Guru-Healthcare is committed to meeting the needs of our clients during your MEDITECH Data Migration project through innovative services that offer collaborative, customized solutions for their IT challenges.  Our solutions are anchored in proven methodologies and best practice standards. Through our vast experience in these types of projects, we know what it takes to ensure success during yours. We pride ourselves on exuding the following qualities:

  • Other Vendor (OV) Conversions- Full OV Ambulatory Conversions including clinical and visit specific data- Full B/AR Conversions
  • Specific Data Conversion Knowledge
  • Extensive Data Conversion Experience
  • Placing Value in Quality and Detail
  • Affordability for our Resources
MEDITECH Data Migration Services Offered

A large part of the success that you will find in your MEDITECH Data Migration project will be due to the staff and people that are assisting you, as opposed to the actual technology. We have several resources and options that we offer in order to make sure that this project will be run smoothly:

  • Integration Focused
    • Developers, Engine Upgrades, Enhancement, Application Training, Assessments, Project Management
  • Monthly Support Agreements
  • Legacy Support
MEDITECH Data Migration Project Deliverables

We know how to effectively and efficiently get the data from your old system and into your new one. By creating need-specific timelines and toolsets, we tailor the experience to best work for your organization. We pride ourselves on being thorough and detailed, and by using metrics to meet your requirements and guarantee success.

Our Proven MEDITECH Data Migration Practice

We understand that a data migration project may seem repetitive, but we strictly adhere to our formula for one main reason – it works to keep the project flowing in a timely manner. One of the most important things during a data conversion is keeping the data secure, and we can offer the services necessary to achieve this, as well as a successful data migration.

Guru-Healthcare offers a holistic approach for delivering a successful MEDITECH Training Program that follows vendor guidelines and takes you through and beyond Go-Live.
Guru-Healthcare’s MEDITECH Training Key Differentiators:
  • One of the largest recruitment teams in the industry, able to rapidly identify the best MEDITECH expertise
  • Experienced senior leadership team, including clinical thought leaders
  • Training and adoption experts, who ensure your providers and others are satisfied and using MEDITECH efficiently
  • Cost effective solutions and the ability to provide flexible, customized staffing models
  • Proactive engagement team that will communicate with you regularly to ensure project needs are anticipated and addressed promptly
MEDITECH Training Design and Delivery

Guru-Healthcare has a specially designed Training Model that incorporates nine (9) key elements for a successful Training phase:

  1. Strategy Development
  2. MEDITECH Training Plan Development
  3. Curriculum Design
  4. Development of Customized Training Materials
  5. Logistics Management
  6. Credentialed Trainer Plan and Training
  7. Super User Plan and Training
  8. User Training
  9. Support and Optimization 
MEDITECH Training Approaches:

Guru-Healthcare has had success with training by utilizing the following approaches:

Nursing/Clinical/Process Role Based Training

Training is most effective when it is organized according to function.  Similarly, trainees are most attentive when the training is directly related to their work.

Workflow Based Training

Our trainers realize that End Users must adopt the MEDITECH application into their care and daily services, which means designing workflows to be as functional and effecient as possible. Learning how to use a new system and new workflows, while incorporating it into their practice during the training, will enhance End User adoption and the ability to continually provide the highest-quality care. Process based training provides the opportunity to assess standardized policies and procedures, to ensure that End Users integrate the EHR more deeply into daily operations.

Mock Clinical Script Training – Simulations

Conducting a “Day in the Life” or “end-to-end” simulation to integrate process scenarios as part of the training strategy has proven to enhance and promote a smooth and less stressful Go-Live. Higher levels of adoption, sustainment, and satisfaction with the system come as a result of these efforts. Our team can assist in selection of these simulations for each role and area.

Educational Support
  • Training needs assessment and analysis
  • MEDITECH Training Strategy Design and Planning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Logistics planning including registration and space planning
  • Lesson Plan Development and revision
  • E-Learning customization
  • Development of Training material
  • Classroom Training Implementation
  • Development of Credentialed Trainer and Super User Training Plan
  • Development of “tips and tricks” end user quick resource material for use during Go-Live
  • Post Training support and optimization to evaluate lessons learned and next steps

The Guru-Healthcare is a top in KLAS service provider for Activation and Go-Live Support Services. We have At-The-Elbow resources that can help make your MEDITECH Go-Live successful. Guru-Healthcare has helped perform go-lives for most vendors across the world, and have learned what it takes to make sure that your organization’s Go-Live will go smoothly.

What Guru-Healthcare Can Offer You
Proven Strategies

The Guru-Healthcare has the ability to help your organization during its MEDITECH Go-Live by assisting in the following key strategic areas:

  • Planning for Go-Live Command Center
  • Staffing Your Project
  • Appointment Conversion
  • Workflow Dress Rehearsals
  • End-User Support Assessment
  • MEDITECH Super User Support
Key Resources

In addition, the Guru-Healthcare has several different key resources it can offer that can make the difference during your MEDITECH Go-Live:

  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Resource Coordinators
  • Resource Managers
  • Experienced At-The-Elbow MEDITECH Go-Live Professionals
  • Project Teams

Thanks to our extensive experience working with a broad array of healthcare applications, the Guru-Healthcare can offer support of your legacy system that assures trouble-free operation for as long as it remains in service. We understand the importance of your technology investment, and to help assure your success, our resources are experienced and fully certified in your legacy system as well as any new system are adopting.

Legacy Systems Support Services

Many organizations prefer to let their people focus exclusively on learning the new application. With the Guru-Healthcare, you can rest assured that we offer the expert resources to maintain and support the legacy application, while your own staff focuses on the new application.

At the Guru-Healthcare, we come to the table knowledgeable and certified in your system, able to make any modifications needed to keep it in service before we sunset it in favor of the new application.

We also provide our clients with exceptionally competitive rates. Our model is to provide you with a remarkably cost-effective solution, while lifting the burden of supporting your legacy applications.

It’s About Trust

Maintaining legacy systems is about more than expertise alone. It’s about trusting the people who will take care of the old while you usher in the new. Thanks to our unique combination of technical skill and people skills, we can ensure the smoothest conversion experience possible.

Working with the Guru-Healthcare provides you with a rapidly expanding base of MEDITECH career opportunities, as we experience focused growth and expansion of our client base globally. Our consultants now span eleven time zones from North America to the Middle East. The Guru-Healthcare has MEDITECH career opportunities that top consultants want, with access to a variety of proprietary positions.

Guru-Healthcare consultants appreciate our personalized approach to their needs while on a project, and we also understand through experience how challenging life can be on the road. You are not alone, and you will find that the Guru-Healthcare staff will be there throughout your project.